With smartphones in the hands of people everywhere; nearly 90% of Australians accessing the internet on a daily basis; local newspapers losing their reach; and social media ingrained in our lives, it is fair to say: the ‘rules of engagement’ have changed. Technology, community expectations, and resource constraints mean adapting to online communication and engagement is no longer optional for local government professionals.

The workshops and masterclasses presented by OurSay will focus on expanding your skills in communicating and engaging with residents and communities online. The series will include how best to share the valuable story of local government, communicating on social media, through to more advanced engagement design for strategic decision making, and responding to community feedback. Build your capacity through these programs to ensure you stay at the forefront of engagement practice.

These interactive workshops have been designed to help people working in local government to better understand:

  • Key trends in social media and online engagement
  • Principles of online engagement and use of social media
  • Community development in an online context
  • Strategies for engaging their community in considered and effective ways

Participants will gain practical insights that support local government transition to online engagement.

The workshop is informed by IAP2 frameworks and risk communication strategies applied to critical engagement across business, government and media sectors.

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